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D2-005 Low Noise Power Supply

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Low Noise Power Supply

The D2-005 power supply is a quiet, linear power supply providing ±15V and 5V. It is in a separate box to

isolate 60 Hz and EM interference. One power supply can power two complete laser systems, or four electronics modules.

The linear design eliminates noise around 100-200 kHz seen in switching power supplies.

Power Supply TypeLinear
Voltage Output+5 VDC @ 6A
+15 VDC @ 1.5A
-15 VDC @ 1.5A
Number of Outputs3
Power Provided75 W
Voltage Input100 VAC (add -100VAC to part number)
120 VAC (add -120VAC to part number)
220-240 VAC (add -230VAC to part number)
Line Regulation±0.05%
Load Regulation±0.05%
1. All specifications subject to change.
2. Use of a Uninterruptible Power Supply that supplies other than a sine wave voltage waveform is not advised.

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D2-005 Manual (wiki)