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D2-005 Power Supply

Power Supply

Model No. D2-005

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Please read Limited Warranty and General Warnings and Cautions prior to operating the D2-005.

Link to D2-005 Power Supply web page


The Power Supply is a quiet, linear power supply providing +/-15V and 5V. It is in a separate box to isolate 60 Hz and EM interference. One power supply can power two complete laser systems, or four electronics modules.

Purchase Includes

  • D2-005 Power Supply
  • VPN00464 Power Cord

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Note: All modules designed to be operated in laboratory environment

Parameter Rating
Environmental Temperature >15°C and <30°C
Environmental Humidity <60%
Environmental Dew Points <15°C


Current Limit
+15V 1.5 A
-15V 1.5 A
+5V 6 A
Output Regulation 0.05 %

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Fig. 1: Schematic drawing of the front and back panels of the D2-005

Monitor Section

The monitor section contains three blue status LEDs indicating proper voltage on the +15,-15, and 5V power lines. If there is a voltage sag on any of the power lines, the blue status LED will turn off.

Back panel I/O

Power I/O (9-pin D-sub)

Always turn off the D2-005, make connections to the device, and then re-energize the D2-005. Never connect this D2-005 Power Supply to a device when it is switched on and supplying power.

If you are considering using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to guarantee operation of your Vescent products through a brown out or black out, great care should be taken in choosing the model. Lower cost models tend to produce modified square wave voltage profiles. The high-frequency components of such a voltage profile may interact poorly with the D2-005 (and down-stream active Vescent modules). If you do choose to use a UPS, select a model that will provide a sine wave voltage profile without higher harmonic components to avoid potential damage to your high-value equipment.

The power to each electronics module is through a 9-pin D-sub connector through a power bridge unit. The unit can also be powered through any serial cable with 9-pin D-sub connectors, which is convenient when the unit must be taken out of line for access to the side panels. The pin outs are shown in the following figure:

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