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SLICE-DHV PZT Controller and High-Voltage Amplifier


Vescent brings to market our first turn-key Frequency Comb product!

We are proud to introduce the FFC-100 Fiber-based Frequency Comb. The FFC-100 offers a full octave of wavelength coverage with tight locks on ƒopt and ƒCEO that support the requirements of the next generation  of optical atomic clocks.  The complete FFC-100 fits into a single 2U 19″ rack mount chassis for a compact, economical comb solution.
Visit the FFC-100 web page for more details.

Allan deviations of the FFC-100

Vescent develops and manufactures novel electro-optic and laser technologies.  We offer frequency-stabilized diode laser systems and precision electronics; our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to technical challenges.

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New SLICE Photonics Control Tools

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