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SLICE-QT Four-Channel Temperature Controller

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  • Four independent channels
  • Configurable PID loop filters
  • Touch screen control
  • Host GUI & API
  • 40 W of user-assignable control power
  • TEC or resistive heaters
  • External control of set point
  • Interlock other devices based on temperature control fidelity


Stability of the temperature of an active D2-100 laser

The SLICE-QT features four independent PID temperature control channels for TECs or heaters.  The loops can be nested or control four separate systems.  With fully adjustable poles, it is possible to stabilize the temperature of your plant with sub-millikelvin temperature stability.

Features like slew rate control and an output trigger allow you to trust your delicate photonic devices such as doubling crystals to the SLICE-QT.  You can set a maximum rate of temperature change and have confidence it won’t be exceeded. Safeguard your laser diodes by automatically shutting down the current if the the temperature goes out of range.

The Vescent Photonics SLICEs of precision photonics control. Individually or working together, SLICE provides the performance you need on your benchtop, laser table, or in a rack.

Performance video:

ControlTouch screen
Host GUI
Control Range-10 to +100°C
Capacity135 W
Sensor Type10 kΩ thermistor
Compatible PlantsTECs, Resistive Heaters
Stability2±0.2 mK over 10 minutes
Set Point Resolution~0.001°C
Power Input100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Slew Rate ControlYes
2 Plant-dependent. Specified for the D2-100 Laser.