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SLICE Control Electronics

Introducing a SLICE of our Integrated Control Electronics.  A new generation of photonics control tools.

SLICE modules offer the low noise and high speed you’ve come to expect from Vescent’s analog control circuitry with the convenience and flexibility of a digital interface.  With SLICE, you can drive, lock, and temperature control your diode lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers, tapered amplifiers, quantum cascade, and interband cascade lasers.  Each SLICE works independently with one functionality, but will seamlessly integrate with other SLICEs for complete control of your laser system.
Communicate with a SLICE through the front-panel touch-sensitve display screen, a GUI, or serial commands to easily obtain the level of control and flexibility you need.  And for critical timing, the user can upload “timed events” which are executed with low jitter and low delay with respect to a TTL trigger.

What problem do you need solved?  SLICE is a flexible product platform that will grow over time to offer a wide range of functionality.  We would really like to hear from you what performance or capability would help in your lab space.  Please drop us a line and let us know.


SLICE Products

Available Now

Temperature Control

Precision Temperature Control
SLICE-QTC Four-channel benchtop Temperature Controller.  The SLICE-QTC offers four independent channels of PID temperature control for your lasers, photonics crystals, PICs, and non-linear devices.

Current Control

SLICE-DCC Dual-channel current controller can produce up to 2 A with a compliance voltage of up to 12 V.  Low noise and high modulation bandwidth combine with a power leveling feature to make this a highly functional semiconductor device driver for diode laser, QCLs, ICLs, SOAs, and TAs.
SLICE-DCC dual-channel current controller

High-Voltage Amplification

High-Voltage Amplification
SLICE-DHV is a dual-channel low-noise, high small-signal bandwidth high-voltage amplifier for PZT control and feedback, including laser-frequency control, micropositioning, as well as electro-optic modulator control for frequency or intensity control.

Coming Soon

Pump Laser Control

Pump Laser Controller
SLICE-DPC is a dual-channel pump laser controller including both low-noise current control and temperature stabilization.  Designed to control SOAs, TAs, and pump lasers for mode locked oscillators, it can be configured to provide up to 2 A per channel.  With compliance voltages up to 12 V, it can also control QCLs, ICLs, and GaN diodes.

The SLICE-DPC combines the economical current control of the SLICE-DCC and the precision temperature control of the SLICE-QTC.