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Power Breakout Command Set

List of commands for the ICE Power Breakout Module.

<function=ICEfunc|0=Enable?&1=&2=On&3=16> Returns the state of the power outputs (“On”, “Off”, or “Fault”).

<function=ICEfunc|0=Enable&1=A:On/Off:On&2=On&3=17> Enables or disables the power outputs. If a fault condition occurred, it can be queried by running the Enable? or Error? commands.

<function=ICEfunc|0=Error?&1=&2=1&3=18> Returns an error code indicating the cause the last power fault (0 indicates no error). The error codes are:

  1. +5V Undervoltage
  2. +15V Undervoltage
  3. -15V Undervoltage
  4. +5V Overcurrent
  5. +15V Overcurrent

<function=ICEfunc|0=AutoPwr?&1=&2=On&3=19> Returns the state of the auto power on functionality.

<function=ICEfunc|0=AutoPwr&1=A:On/Off:On&2=On&3=20> Enables or disables the auto power functionality. When auto power is enabled (default), the power breakout module will automatically turn on its power output ports when the ICE box is turned on. If disabled, the user will manually have to send the Enable command to turn on the power outputs. The Save command should be executed after changing this setting to retain it between ICE box power cycles.

<function=ICEfunc|0=Delay?&1=&2=12&3=21> Returns the current power on delay time.

<function=ICEfunc|0=Delay&1=I:Delay in ms:12&2=20&3=22> Sets the delay time in milliseconds before power fault checking is enabled after the power on command is sent (either via the user or with the auto power feature). The default is 12 milliseconds. This delay allows voltage output levels to a load connected the power breakout module to stabilize before fault checking occurs. This is necessary because the amount of in-rush current of a connected device can cause the power rails to momentarily sag as capacitive loads are charged. A load with a lot of capacitance (and therefore in-rush current) may cause the power rails to sag while charge for longer than the default delay. If a known good device is causing an error during turn on, it may be necessary to increase this value. This value will only be retained between ICE box power cycles if the Save command is executed.

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