Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

Electro-Optic & Optical Modules

Our optical and electro-optical modules are designed to provide rugged, vibration-immune operation in a small foot print. Simple electro-optical layouts provide for frequency standards, optical isolation and fiber coupling.  Innovative use of liquid crystal and waveguide technologies provides functionality that was previously only realized mechanically. Our modules are designed to be mutually compatible, allowing the user to take advantage of Vescent’s non-mechanical approach to design sophisticated AMO experiments in a uniquely small optics-table foot print.

D2-160 High-Speed Beat Note and Pulse Detector


D2-210 Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Module

D2-120 Fiber Coupling Module

New D2-250 Optical Heterodyne Module

D2-250 Heterodyne Module

D2-130 Isolator Module