Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies


Vescent develops and manufactures novel electro-optic and laser technologies.  We offer frequency-stabilized diode laser systems and precision electronics; our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to technical challenges.

Tools for AMO Scientists: Featured Products

New SLICE Photonics Control

D2-210 Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Module

D2-160 Beat Note Detector

D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo

Meet us at these conferences

The International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP)

Barcelona, Spain; July 22-27

The European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI)

Rehovot, Israel; November 18

 SPIE Security and Defense Conference

Berlin, Germany; September 10-13





Latest News

  1. Introduction to Servos Part I (8/15/2018) - What is Servoing? The goal of a servo is to adjust some output to keep an input at a constant value (typically 0). Think about how the cruise control feature on a car works: the cruise control adjusts the gas throttle (the servo’s output) in order to keep the speedometer reading (the servo’s input) a […]
  2. Vescent- SPIE 2018 (7/30/2018) - Vescent Photonics German representative, MG Optical Solutions, will be showing our products at the SPIE Security and Defense Conference in Berlin from September 10-13th. They will be in booth 101. For more information, Contact Vescent.
  3. Vescent- JinFest (7/24/2018) - Vescent Photonics is proud to be attending JinFest- a celebration of Deborah Jin’s scientific career. This new workshop features speakers such as Cheng Chin, Brian DeMarco, and John Doyle. The workshop is being held in Boulder from September 7-8th. For more information visit:
  4. Visit Vescent at ICAP 2018 (7/24/2018) - If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain during July 22nd to the 27th, Visit Vescent Photonics at ICAP(the International Conference on Atomic Physics)! The conference will present an outstanding program of invited speakers, covering the most recent developments in the field of atomic physics. The list of topics include: Topology in atomic systems, Quantum gases, […]
  5. Vescent Photonics- The National Photonics Initiative (7/24/2018) - The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) along with experts Mike Raymer (University of Oregon) and Chris Monroe (University of Maryland and IonQ, Inc.) have been actively working with lawmakers for more than a year to draft and advance quantum legislation in Congress. Today, that work has come to fruition. The House Committee on Science, Space and […]
  6. Vescent Photonics-Showcase your work that feature our company (7/24/2018) - Vescent would be pleased to showcase your work on our website. If you would like to share publications, please contact us.  We’d be pleased to add your work which you accomplished using our products.
  7. Vescent Lasers Support Flying MOT (7/24/2018) - Dana Anderson, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and a Fellow at JILA, and his team have executed the first known civilian flight carrying a payload of ultracold rubidium atoms by flying from Boulder to Cheyenne, WY and back. The “Physics Package” of the MOT comprising the rubidium-charged vacuum chamber was provided by Cold […]
  8. Vescent- Publications featuring our Products (7/24/2018) - Our laser, electronics, and electro-optic products are used in a variety of applications. To find out more about how people are utilizing our products, visit our publications page: Some of the applications include: emerging cold atom science and engineering, laser locking and frequency control systems, and locking lasers to high-finesse cavities.
  9. Vescent is Hiring! (7/24/2018) - Vescent Photonics is hiring! We are looking for a senior level Electrical Engineer with deep experience in analog design, especially for laser drive and control.  A job description can be found here. We are are looking for an experienced scientist to directly lead our R&D efforts at either a Director or Vice President level.  A job […]
  10. Vescent has new Distributors in France and Russia (7/24/2018) - Vescent is pleased to introduce our new Distributors in France and Russia. In France, we’d like to introduce Optoprim. For information, contact François Beck.   In Russia, we have partnered with Special Systems. For information, contact Eugene Kudrov.