Precision Electro-Optic, Waveguide, and Laser Technologies

Events and Exhibits

We participate in a variety of trade shows and conferences throughout the year. Join us at the following industry-leading events and stop by our booth to learn more about our products.

  • Defense and Commercial Sensing

    SPIE DCS logoVescent Photonics is excited to again be participating in the SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference in Baltimore, 17-21 April, 2016.  Come see us at Booth 241.

    We are pleased to be presenting two papers.  Our paper No. 9828-7, titled “Laser-based satellite communication systems stabilized by non-mechanical electro-optic scanners,will be in the Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Applications XIII Conference on Monday 18 April at 11:10 am in Convention Center Room 328. 

    Our paper 9832-18, titled “A lightweight and rugged laser radar system enabled by non-mechanical electro-optic beam steerers,”will be in the Laser Radar Technology and Applications XXI Conference on Wednesday 20 April at 8:00 am in Convention Center Room 340.  

    Check the downloads section of our website after the conference to download the Proceedings.

    Vescent will also display products and technology from both of our business lines, including a free-space optical communication (FSO) demonstration based on Vescent’s unique liquid crystal waveguide technology. The engine for establishing & maintaining the communication link is the SEEOR (Steerable Electro-Evanescent Optical Refractor), our non-mechanical beam-steering product.

    The SEEOR takes advantage of the extraordinarily large electro-optic effect of liquid crystal materials (>105 times that of LiNbO­3) to create a tunable Snell’s Law prism which will controllably refract a laser beam over a Field of View of more than 30° x 5°. It is truly analog, allowing for raster scanning, tracking, zooming, and point & hold control. The FSO depends on the raster scanning to find and establish an optical link and then the tracking to keep the data flowing.  Fast analog pointing feedback and control to the SEEOR allows the FSO device to create and maintain a robust, high-speed, multiplexed data link.

    Also on display will be Vescent’s D2 and ICE product lines – two strategies for driving and controlling semiconductor lasers.  The D2 products allows for hands-on analog adjustment of control parameters while ICE allows for much easier digital control and board-level OEM implementation.  Both D2 and ICE drive & control the lasers using analog circuits for high speed and low noise.  The two product lines share the same overall performance, but allow different implementation strategies.

    We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

  • Photonics West

    SPIE logo

    Vescent Photonics will be attending Photonics West at Moscone Center in San Francisco from 13 to 18 February, 2016.  We invite you to visit us at booth 4159 and see the latest developments in non-mechanical beam steering as well as lasers, electronics, and electro-optics for the AMO community.

    If you just can’t wait for your winter trip to San Francisco, you might be interested in the videos below.

  • Vescent Photonics will host the February APS Local Links Network Meeting Vescent Photonics will host the February APS Local Links Network Meeting