Precision Electro-Optic, Waveguide, and Laser Technologies

Research and Development Staff

Ben Luey  MS., Staff Scientist:

Mr. Luey has experience in experimental laser cooling and atom trapping. He has designed and built external-cavity diode-lasers, ultra-high vacuum systems, and the thermo-opto-mechanical structures used in laser stabilization and atom trapping. While a graduate student in the labs of Dana Anderson at JILA he designed the atom-chips used to trap and manipulate atoms, and ran these atom trapping experiments. As a staff scientist at Vescent, Mr. Luey has played a pivotal role in the development of our D2-series atom trapping DBR lasers and control electronics.

Juan Pino Ph.D., Staff Scientist:

Juan Pino joins us from JILA, where he recently earned his Ph.D. under Dr. Eric Cornell and Dr. Deborah Jin. Juan’s Ph.D. work focused on novel, shot-noise limited measurement techniques of Bose-Einstein condensates. While at JILA Dr. Pino developed a strong background in optics, modeling, electronics, and the design and construction of cold-atom experiments. Recently Juan has been applying the lessons he learned at JILA to the non-mechanical designs being incorporated into the next-generation of Vescent products.

Joe Gamble
Joseph Gamble, Lead Mechanical Engineer:

Joe takes on any design job from an RFID-secured coffee pot to the most stable fiber-coupled laser design we have produced.