Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies


Mike H. Anderson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder:

Dr. Anderson has expertise in liquid-crystal devices, diode-lasers and laser stabilization, and electronics and electro-optics. He has designed and built numerous external cavity diode lasers, which he has used for spectroscopic studies and research in the trapping and cooling of neutral atoms. Notably, he was first author on  Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Atomic Vapor published in the journal Science, July 1995. He has three patents issued and fourteen pending.


Rainer Kunz, Interim CEO:

Rainer Kunz has consulted with Vescent Photonics since 2016 as Interim CEO. He served as CEO and President of ColdQuanta for over 9 years before retiring at the end of 2015. A founder of ColdQuanta he navigated the company from a bare-bones start-up funded by a few investors to a self-sustaining growing business with more than 20 employees. Without recourse to further outside funding, Rainer guided the company into being a product driven company with a dynamic contract side to the business. Prior to ColdQuanta he was Director of Business Development at Broadcom after the acquisition of AltoCom. At AltoCom, a spinoff from General Magic, he served as VP of Sales & Marketing. He had a long tenure at Apple, in Europe as well as at the headquarters in Cupertino, CA, with various positions in sales and account management.


Eric Chandler, Ph.D., Director of Operations:

Dr. Chandler earned his Ph.D in Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines under Dr. Jeffrey Squier and Dr. Charles Durfee. His thesis centered around the temporal and spectral characterization of luminescence from individual, and ensembles of, silicon nanoparticles for use in photovoltaic and bioimaging applications. He has extensive experience in ultrafast optics, multispectral sensing and imaging, and electro-optical design. As Production Manager, Dr. Chandler is responsible for the manufacture of all standard Vescent Photonics product offerings, as well as transitioning in new products from R&D.

Ruth McCurry, VP Finance & Administration:

Ms. McCurry has 27 years experience in High-Tech, Manufacturing and Government Contracting Industries. Her experience includes working with both Small Businesses on the SBIR/STTR programs as well as Prime Government Contractors.

She is a successful and responsible Accounting Professional with a proven track record of:

  • Management of small business accounting and financial operations
  • Streamlining business processes to enable efficient flow of funds to support operations
  • Implementing financial ERP systems to support achievement of corporate goals and objectives
  • Positioning small businesses for successful mergers and acquisitions
  • Preparation of accurate financial statements and management of external audits

Ms. McCurry holds a  B.S. Accounting from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Michael B. Radunsky

Michael B. Radunsky, Ph.D., Vice President of Sales & Marketing:

Dr. Radunsky has over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, and Product Management of lasers and photonics tools. His career began at Continuum Electro-optics where he helped develop one of the first market-ready pulsed OPO systems and other tunable and fixed-wavelength lasers. He has also managed ultrafast systems as well as external cavity diode and quantum cascade lasers. Dr. Radunsky also has extensive experience in international channel management and direct sales, including OEM account management.  Dr. Radunsky obtained his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley and completed a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Kurt Vogel, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology:

Kurt came to us with a premier history of product development and release.

A further Management Search is underway.