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Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

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Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

Vescent has been developing low SWaP fiber lasers for deployed applications.  We have a variety of custom packaging options, as well as control electronics, to meet your most demanding requirements.

  • Laser Oscillator Characteristics
mode-locked fiber lasers

Oscillator packaging with a volume close to a deck of cards

  • Oscillator volume <150 cm3 (roughly a deck of cards)
  • Electrical power consumption <2.5 W
  • Repetition rate designs at 100 and 200 MHz; others available upon request
  • Fast and slow actuators
    • Fast PZT actuator for cavity length control
      •  300 kHz bandwidth
      • 100 Hz stroke with 100 V tuning on 100 MHz repetition rate
    • Slow TEC actuator for cavity length control
      • >1 Hz bandwidth
      • >10 kHz stroke with 10 °C tuning on 100 MHz repetition rate
  • Current feedback for power stabilization
    • >30 kHz bandwidth
  • Matched repetition rates (requires less than 5 °C temperature tuning of oscillators)
  • Customized pulse width and pulse chirp
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • Applications include satellite-deployed GPS clocks, free space time transfer, satellite formation flying
  • Rack-mount and table-top packaging available with integrated electronics