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Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

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Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

Vescent has been developing low-SWaP fiber lasers for deployed applications.  We have a variety of custom packaging options, as well as control electronics, to meet your most demanding requirements.

FO-100 fiber oscillator

  • Laser Oscillator Characteristics
  • Oscillator volume <150 cm3 (roughly a deck of cards)
  • Electrical power consumption <2.5 W
  • Repetition rate designs at 100 and 200 MHz; others available upon request
  • Fast and slow actuators
    • Fast PZT actuator for cavity length control
      •  200 kHz bandwidth
      • 100 Hz stroke with 100 V tuning on 100 MHz repetition rate
    • Slow TEC actuator for cavity length control
      • >1 Hz bandwidth
      • >10 kHz stroke with 10 °C tuning on 100 MHz repetition rate
  • Current feedback for power stabilization
    • >30 kHz bandwidth
  • Matched repetition rates (requires less than 5 °C temperature tuning of oscillators)
  • Customized pulse width and pulse chirp
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • Applications include satellite-deployed GPS clocks, free space time transfer, satellite formation flying
  • Rack-mount and table-top packaging available with integrated electronics
MLO-100 Mode-Locked sub-100 femtosecond Oscillator

MLL-100 Mode-Locked Oscillator

FO-100 Fiber Oscillator

Vescent’s FO-100 Fiber Oscillator is the engine for your femtosecond oscillator and frequency comb experiments.  Based on an Er:doped fiber, it can deliver sub-100 fs pulses with a bandwidth of over 40 nm, given an appropriate pump input and thermal control loops (not included).  Additionally, it features our unique PZT-based cavity length adjustment tool.  With an appropriate user-supplied signal, >100 Hz of fine control over the repetition rate is possible.  In combination with coarse temperature tuning and factory centering, one can precisely determine the repetition rate – even matching the repetition rates of two oscillators for dual-comb spectroscopy.

Designed for performance, the FO-100 accepts a user-supplied pump input.  Modulation and control of the pump power as well as fast (PZT) and slow (temperature) tuning of the repetition rate makes the FO-100 ideal as the engine for frequency comb development.

PZT bandwidth of cavity length control

MLL-100 Mode-Locked Laser

Vescent’s MLL Mode-Locked Laser is a stand-alone femtosecond laser designed for ease of use and high performance. Built around an Er:doped fiber and an EDFA, it will reliably deliver sub-100 fs pulses with a bandwidth of over 40 nm. The heart of the MLL-100 is our FO-100 Fiber Oscillator including a gain fiber, mode-locker, and our unique cavity length adjustment tool for exact repetition rate control (and matching). The MLL-100 houses the amplifier and pump diodes, current sources and temperature control, as well as the requisite drive electronics and user interface.

Designed for ease of use and performance, the MLL-100’s combination of touch screen interface and rotary knob input makes for simple set up and control. Modulation and control of the pump power as well as fast (via PZT) and slow (via temperature) tuning of the repetition rate makes the MLL-100 ideal as the engine for your frequency comb development. The slow integrator controlling the precise temperature set point allows long-term repetition rate locking when combined with the fast PZT loop.

The MLL-100 and FO-100 are 100% made in America!


We also offer gigahertz repetition rate mode-locked lasers from Menhir Photonics.

Danger Laser Radiation, class IIIb

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