Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

SLICE-QTC Firmware Update

Our SLICE line of precision control electronics continues to expand. It includes temperature & current control, high-voltage amplification, and soon, offset phase locking.

Upgrade firmware graphic

Vescent has released a new version of firmware for the SLICE-QTC Four-Channel Temperature Controller. In addition to a couple of bug fixes, it adds some great functionality. The update:

  • Decreases the temperature set-point resolution from 1.5 mK to 0.1 mK. With the typical temperature tuning of a DBR of 30 GHz/K, this means the step resolution is now about 3 MHz or half the linewidth of the Rb Doppler-free hyperfine transitions!
  • Allows exiting of a rotary knob edit by touching the screen outside of the active rotary edit box
  • Adds Setpoint Relative external input mode which allows adjustment of the base temperature setpoint from the main or channel summary screen
  • Activates INPUTA, INPUTB, OUTPUT1, and OUTPUT2 commands in the API for remotely assigning the functionality of the front-panel I/O.

We have also released a new easy-to-use firmware updater. Get both at our Github site.


We strongly advise you to update the firmware on all of your SLICE-QTC Temperature Controllers for an enhanced, more stable experience. For the best results, please use a Windows® 10 machine for the update.