Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

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World Leaders in lasers and laser control electronics for AMO physics, atom-based sensing, and other precision optical applications.

Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers are current-tuned (no moving parts) and so are extremely robust against vibration and acoustic perturbations.  Drive them with the lowest-noise current controller available and lock them to an atomic absorption or a master laser and you have an extremely stable photonics front end for optical physics measurements.  Vescent Photonics offers the equipment you need.

DBR lasers

DBR lasers precision tunability with no moving parts
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low noise current controller

The lowest current noise controllers available
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frequency servos

Frequency servos with full PI2D transfer function
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phase lock servos

Offset phase lock servos
true phase locks
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Integrated Control electronics

ICE (Integrated Control Electronics) combines up to 4 laser controllers into a single box with analog laser control and digital interface. More info…

High-precision temperature contro

SLICE laser control electronics
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Atomic frequency

Atomic frequency reference
K, Rb, or Cs
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Fiber-coupling modules

Fiber-coupling & isolation modules
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Beat note detection

Beat note detection
economical gigahertz bandwidth detection
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heterodyne beat notes

Collect heterodyne beat notes for electronic transduction
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