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FFC-100 Frequency Comb

Vescent FFC-100 Frequency Comb


  • Turn-key operation
  • 1560 nm center wavelength
  • >30 mW in supercontinuum
  • Low phase & amplitude noise
  • A single 2U 19″ rack-mounted enclosure
  • ƒrep monitoring, control, and matching
  • Input port for ƒopt
  • Repetition rates from 80 MHz to 250 MHz
  • Made in America


  • Time & frequency keeping & transfer
  • Frequency ruler
  • Dual- & multi-comb spectroscopy
  • Quantum sensing, computing, & cryptography
  • Low-phase noise rf generation

The FFC-100 from Vescent Photonics is a fully stabilized octave-spanning frequency comb with precise control over ƒrep, ƒopt, and ƒCEO.  It is built around the Vescent MLL-100 Mode-Locked Laser, a stand-alone erbium-based femtosecond MOPA.  A highly non-linear fiber broadens the spectrum and our unique ƒCEO lock detection reduces the size, weight, and power of the system. The complete FFC-100 frequency comb is designed and built to ensure stable, low-phase noise operation with Allan Deviations supporting the next generation of optical atomic clocks.

The FFC-100 was designed for low SWaP and turn-key, stable operation: A single 2U 19” rack mount chassis contains the oscillator, amplifier, pump lasers, supercontinuum generation module, and ƒCEO detection and lock as well as the control electronics.    

The simple oscillator mode locks at startup every time and the innovative passive SESAM mode-locker is specially designed for a robust, long life.  Our unique oscillator design also makes it easy to precisely factory match the repetition rate of two (or more) FFC-100 combs for multi-comb spectroscopy experiments.

Gigahertz repetition rates and low phase noise & jitter are available from the Menhir-1550.

Danger Laser notice

The FFC-100 is made in America

Supercontinuum Performance
Optical Bandwidth>1,000 nm
Average Power>30 mW
ƒCEO Performance
Signal-to-noise>35 dB
Linewidth<200 kHz (typical:<125 kHz)
In-loop Allan Deviation<10-16/√τ
Oscillator Performance
Center Wavelength1560 ± 10 nm
Bandwidth>10 nm
Nominal Repetition Rate280, 100, 200, 250 MHz
Repetition Rate Tuning Range3,4300 ppm
Repetition Rate Tuning Bandwidth5>100 kHz
1All specifications are subject to change without notice
2Center repetition rate can be factory set to within 5 kHz
3Via temperature tuning
4Absolute range depends on nominal repetition rate
5Via PZT tuning

Downloads, Manuals, & Firmware: