Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

Atom-Referenced, Frequency Agile Lasers

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  • Master laser locked to spectroscopy
  • Slave offset phase locked to master
  • Offset tuning from 250 MHz to >9.5 GHz
  • Electro-optics fit on 1 ft2 of table space
  • Demonstration video 

Allan Deviation of frequency stability of D2-100 DBR laser locked to spectroscopy.

A D2-100-DBR master laser is locked to a Doppler-free hyperfine transition of an alkali metal using the D2-210 Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Module and the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo.  A D2-100-DBR slave laser and the master laser are sampled and beat against each other in the D2-250 Heterodyne Module.  The optical beat note is coupled into a MM fiber and delivered to the D2-160 Beat Note Detector where it is down-converted to an rf beat note.  The D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo locks the slave laser offset to a stable, tunable rf reference.  The excellent stability of the system can be seen above on the right.

≥ 9.5 GHz of frequency tuning referenced to an atomic transition.  From box-to-lock in an hour.  Only from Vescent Photonics.