Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

ICE System Diagram

An example of a 4-laser ICE system.

Block diagram of 4-laser ICE system

Block diagram of 4-laser ICE-driven system


ICE – Integrated Control Electronics – controls four-laser

ICE – Integrated Control Electronics – is a compact suite of digitally controlled electronics that will precisely drive and stabilize our D2-100 DBR lasers and an associated array of photonics tools.  This flexible tool allows for myriad configurations.  As seen, ICE is driving a master laser which is frequency locked to an atomic hyperfine transition.  Three slave lasers are offset phase locked to this primary standard allowing for atom-referenced frequency agility.

The ICE system is under your control via serial commands or the ICE GUI.  A PC-compatible computer (not included in purchase) is necessary for this control.

ICE Boards & Accessories
ICE-BoxICE board housing and GUI connectors
ICE-QT1Four temperature control loops
ICE-CS1Current control and peak lock servo
ICE-CP1Current control and offset lock servo
ICE-PB1Power bus for D2-210 Spectroscopy Module and/or D2-160 Beat Note Detector
ICE-PS2Linear power supply
ICE-MC11Interface with user; receive and parse commands
ICE-SU11Virtual USB port, convenient I/O
All specs subject to change without notice.
1Included in ICE-Box. Only required individually in board-level implementation.