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ICE: Serial to USB


ICE-SU1 Serial/USB converter board

Advice on:

  • Convert Serial input to (virtual) USB
The ICE-Box features both a serial bus as well as a USB port.  The ICE-MC1 itself only accepts serial commands and does not feature a USB port.  If you are implementing the board-level ICE solution (without the ICE-Box) and  wish to interface with the ICE-MC1 with a USB port (including using the GUI), you will need to implement a USB to serial converter. There are many easy and inexpensive solutions. Design and circuit advice may be had by downloading this zip file.  In the ICE-Box implementation, we have a D-Sub 9 Pin connector for inputting TTL serial and event triggering information, the USB Type-B connector, a BNC connector for the safety interlock, a 5V auxillary output, and an Flat Flex Cable (FFC) connector to connect to the ICE-MC1 master controller board. The board is designed such that the D-Sub and BNC connector are flush and can be used to affix the circuit board to a bulkhead.  The BNC connector for the safety interlock is to safisfy FDA requirements. Finally, there are three 4-40 mounting holes for the circuit board as well.

ICE System DiagramYou can view a typical two-laser system configuration controlled by ICE at this link.   And a four-laser system can be viewed at this link.full-monty_grad_lr
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ICE Boards & Accessories
All specs subject to change without notice.
1Included in ICE-Box. Only required individually in board-level implementation.
ICE-BoxICE board housing and GUI connectors
ICE-QT1Four temperature control loops
ICE-CS1Current control and peak lock servo
ICE-CP1Current control and offset lock servo
ICE-PB1Power bus for D2-210 Spectroscopy Module and/or D2-160 Beat Note Detector
ICE-PS2Linear power supply
ICE-MC11Interface with user; receive and parse commands
ICE-SU11Virtual USB port, convenient I/O