Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

ICE-BD1 Beat Note Detector



  • Optical-to-electrical beat note conversion
  • 250 MHz to >9.3 GHz
  • 760 to 855 nm
  • Does not consume ICE slot
ICE (Integrated Control Electronics) is a compact suite of digitally controlled electronics that will precisely drive and stabilize a broad range of semiconductor lasers and an associated array of photonics tools. It will simplify your experimental design and reduce SWaP while still providing the same high performance we offer in our D2 modular units.
The ICE-BD1 is a “piggy-back” board that rides on the ICE-CP1 current and phase lock board. It does not consume duty-board capacity of the ICE-MC1 master and control board. It receives an optical beat note via an SC multimode fiber input and converts it to an electrical signal that can be processed by the ICE-CP1 to phase lock a slave laser to its master with a user-selectable frequency offset of between 250 MHz and >9.3 GHz.  Simply overlap the master and slave lasers and launch into the included multimode fiber for measuring the relative frequencies of the two lasers. The ICE-BD1 is compatible with the D2-250 Heterodyne Module or build your own heterodyne optics. In combination with the ICE-CP1, a true phase lock between a pair of lasers with the capture range of a frequency lock can be established.

This digitizing high-speed pre-amplified detector converts an oscillating optical signal (a beat note) into and electrical high/low signal. It works great for measuring beat note frequencies or high-speed timing. It is not suitable for measuring optical power or other amplitude characteristics due to the digitized output.

The ICE system is under your control via serial commands or the ICE GUI.  A PC-compatible computer (not included in purchase) is necessary for this control.

ICE System DiagramYou can view a typical two-laser system configuration controlled by ICE at this link.   And a four-laser system can be viewed at this link.full-monty_grad_lr
Compare D2 products to ICE products.
General Specifications
Parameter Value
Input Type SC multimode fiber
Wavelength Response 770 ≤ λ ≤ 855 nm
Bandwidth 250 MHz to >9.3 GHz
Input Power Range1 50 μW minimum; 200 μW is optimum
Output -6 dBm, 1-4 GHz beat note -13 dBm, 4-8 GHz beat note
Power Requirements +5 V, GND (available from ICE-CP1)

1Max 1 dBm onto detector whether power is in beat or not.

ICE Boards & Accessories
ICE-BoxICE board housing and GUI connectors
ICE-QT1Four temperature control loops
ICE-CS1Current control and peak lock servo
ICE-CP1Current control and offset lock servo
ICE-PB1Power bus for D2-210 Spectroscopy Module and/or D2-160 Beat Note Detector
ICE-PS2Linear power supply
ICE-MC11Interface with user; receive and parse commands
ICE-SU11Virtual USB port, convenient I/O
All specs subject to change without notice.
1Included in ICE-Box. Only required individually in board-level implementation.