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Compare D2 Series and ICE


D2-series in “Rackless Rack” configuration

Compare Performance and Features of D2 modular products to those of ICE

  • Libbrecht-Hall current source
  • Lowest current noise available
  • Offset Phase Locks with 250 MHz ≤ Δν ≤ 9.5 GHz
  • Internal reference or external input sets offset
  • Programmable jumps and scans of slave laser
  • Electrical or optical beat note input

ICE-Box with four of eight slots populated

The D2 series and ICE share many key performance parameters – especially where analog, high-speed, low-noise performance counts.  For instance, they both employ the Libbrecht-Hall1 current controller for the lowest noise specs available from a commercial current source.  They simply differ in their implementation – the D2 modules being controlled mainly through front-panel knobs and switches as well as analog voltages and TTL triggers.  ICE, on the other hand features a digital interface allowing easy control via serial commands and programmed, timed events.  ICE also can be deployed as a board-level OEM solution saving space and dollars for commercial instrument implementation.

The tables below will help you decide which platform will be right for you.

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Property D2 ICE
9 x 7 x 4”
23 x 18 x 10 cm
6 x 6 x 7”
15.2 x 15.2 x 18.8 cm
Control Interface
Front-panel, analog voltages, & TTL
GUI, serial, or programmable timed events
D2-105 & D2-125 ICE-CS1
Current Noise Density
(200 mA models)
100 pA/√ Hz 100 pA/√ Hz
Loop Filter Tuning Analog trim pots Digital trim pots
Servo Ramp 500 or 50 Hz Adjustable
Deployable at Board Level No Yes
Temperature Loops/Unit 2 4 (with ICE-QT1)
Loop Filter Transfer Function PI2D PID
Loop Filter Transfer Bandwidth 10 MHz 1 MHz
Locks Supported Side and peak locks Peak lock only
Auxiliary Servo Output
(Low Bandwidth)
Yes No
D2-105 & D2-135 ICE-CP1
Loop Filter Transfer Function PID PID
Available Offset 250 MHz to 9.5 GHz 250 MHz to 9.5 GHz
Beat Note Input Electrical Electrical
Feed-Forward Offset Control Yes No
Offset Reference Source Internal VCO or external input Internal VCO or external input
VCO Drift ~300 ppm/°C 20 ppm
Loop Filter Transfer Function PID PID
Loop Filter Transfer Bandwidth 10 MHz 500 kHz
VCO Stabilization Open loop PLL

1D2 series requires a module of this size for each function.  ICE integrates all functionality into single box.

When to Choose D2 ICE
Low-noise, High-speed Analog Laser Control
Analog Interface
Digital Interface
Board-level Implementation
Programmable Event Timing
Max VCO Stability
Minimum Size
Peak Locking
Side Locking
Double Integrators
Auxiliary Servo
External Modulation Input
Lock Guard
Adjustable Temperature Loop PID Parameters
Feed Forward for Phase Lock Analog  Digitally Programmed
Access to Control Signal (error, servo, etc.) Monitoring


ICE Flyer (PDF)
ICE Users’ Manual (wiki)
ICE OEM Board Integration Manual (wiki)
ICE OEM Heat Sinking Design Pack (CAD)
ICE OEM Serial-to-USB Converter Design Starter Kit

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