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D2-150 Heterodyne Module (Obsolete)


Provides optical beat note for offset locking.  Designed to work with the D2-135-FC OPLS and other heterodyne devices.

D2-150 Heterodyne Module
Frequency offset graph


  • Accessory to D2-135-FC OPLS
  • Also useful with other heterodyne detection schemes
  • Conveniently produce optical beat note to control slave laser
  • Optical Beat Note delivered to OPLS module via multi-mode fiber
  • Easy alignment
  • Convenient “pass-through” beam input configuration
  • Multimode fiber for easy alignment
D2-150 Heterodyne Module
D2-150 Heterodyne Module 
The D2-150 heterodyne module is designed to deliver an optical beat note to the D2-135-FC Offset Phase Lock Servo (OPLS). The OPLS compares the divided-down beat note with either an internal or user-supplied reference signal and locks the Slave Laser tightly to maintain the desired offset.  The D2-150 is easy to align and only requires a tiny fraction of the total laser power from the two lasers.
D2-150 Heterodyne Module Specifications
Parameter Value
Coupling type Free-space, unit transmits >95% of input power
Pick-off percentage 2% each beam
Through-put >95%
Input polarization Horizontal
Minimum power in beat note >50 μW, optimally 200 μW
Max power at detector1 <1 mW
Fiber connector on module FC/APC2
Fiber type Multimode
Output fiber connector
(to detector)

All specifications subject to change without notice.

1The power in the beat note will be less than the total power on the detector due to incomplete spatial overlap of beams in multi-mode fiber.  The maximum power reaching the detector, whether in the beat note or not, must note exceed 1 mW.
2The D2-160 Beat Note Detector comes with an FC/APC to SC/PC fiber.