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  • Vescent Seeks Staff Scientist for Laser Development

    Vescent Photonics is looking for a Staff Scientist for laser development.

    Come put your skills in ultrafast laser physics, quantum sensing, and/or optical atomic clocks to work in Golden, CO.

    Learn more and apply.

  • Vescent is Hiring!

    Vescent is searching for a Research Engineer.

    Come put your skills in laser engineering to the test with a leader in the industry.  Learn more here.

  • COVID-19 and Vescent

    To our broader community of Customers, Development Partners, and fellow Scientists and Engineers:

    I want you all to know that Vescent continues to operate. The safety and health of all of you and our employees is the most important issue in these times. Our R&D staff are designing and inventing from home offices, our production staff has setup assembly and test stations in their houses. Facility visits are kept to a minimum on split-shifts with sterilizations in between. Sales, marketing, and administration continue to operate remotely and will update all customers with any delays in deliverables. I could not be more proud of this team! Please do not hesitate to reach out to any Vescent personnel with questions; we are here to help. We all have science in our DNA, and science-guided planning will get us through these difficult times. As we design new quantum tools and products from our home offices and labs, we take comfort in the power of scientific thought. We will get through this!

    -Scott Davis, CEO & Founder

    Other photonics industry-related COVID-19 statements express similar concern for the safety of the community and resolve to come out of the back side of this strong.

  • ColdQuanta receives $7.4M DARPA grant

    ColdQuanta Logo

    ColdQuanta, the quantum atomics company, has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a scalable, cold-atom-based quantum computing hardware and software platform that can demonstrate quantum advantage on real-world problems. The award is valued at up to $7.4M.

    Congratulations to our friends at ColdQuanta!  Read the full press release here.

  • SLICE-QTC Firmware Update

    Our SLICE line of precision control electronics continues to expand. It includes temperature & current control, high-voltage amplification, and soon, offset phase locking.

    Upgrade firmware graphic

    Vescent has released a new version of firmware for the SLICE-QTC Four-Channel Temperature Controller. In addition to a couple of bug fixes, it adds some great functionality. The update:

    • Decreases the temperature set-point resolution from 1.5 mK to 0.1 mK. With the typical temperature tuning of a DBR of 30 GHz/K, this means the step resolution is now about 3 MHz or half the linewidth of the Rb Doppler-free hyperfine transitions!
    • Allows exiting of a rotary knob edit by touching the screen outside of the active rotary edit box
    • Adds Setpoint Relative external input mode which allows adjustment of the base temperature setpoint from the main or channel summary screen
    • Activates INPUTA, INPUTB, OUTPUT1, and OUTPUT2 commands in the API for remotely assigning the functionality of the front-panel I/O.

    We have also released a new easy-to-use firmware updater. Get both at our Github site.


    We strongly advise you to update the firmware on all of your SLICE-QTC Temperature Controllers for an enhanced, more stable experience. For the best results, please use a Windows® 10 machine for the update.

  • APS March Meeting and the Quantum Happy Hour have been canceled!


    Wednesday, 4 March 2020
    The Edge Restaurant & Bar
    1111 14th St.
    Denver, CO 80202

  • Vescent is now on YouTube!

    Vescent Photonics is officially on YouTube! This channel has helpful demonstrations, interviews, and introductions to our products lines. Follow the link to check out our channel:…/UCqJz_p99RHnsv05s…/

  • Vescent is Hiring!

    Vescent Photonics is seeking an energetic and skilled Opto-electronics Technician.

  • Welcome to iLaser, Vescent’s new Representative in Singapore

    Vescent Photonics welcomes iLaser Pte., Ltd. as our new Representative in Singapore.  We look forward to continuously improving service for our customer in Singapore through the local presence that iLaser can provide.  We are excited about this new partnership!

  • Vescent partners with Wooyang Photonics Co. in South Korea

    Vescent Photonics is proud to announce that Wooyang Photonics Co. will now be the exclusive agent for Vescent products in South Korea.  We look forward to better serving the Korean market through the local presence that Wooyang can provide.  Wooyang Photonics has been serving the Korean photonics community since 1983 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation.  We are excited about this new partnership!