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  • Vescent Is Hiring!

    Vescent Photonics is hiring!  We are looking for exciting, dynamic, enthusiastic contributors to our market-leading Development Team.  Come and join a team that is developing and bringing to market cutting edge laser and laser-control technology.

    Applicants will not be considered without a cover letter.

  • New Firmware for SLICE-QTC

    We have released new revisions of firmware for the SLICE-QTC Four-Channel Temperature Controller.  System Controller 1.24 and QTC 1.38 along with update instructions are now available on GitHub.

    1.24 and 1.38 have new features and substantial stability improvements over the previous revisions.  We strongly urge all SLICE users to update today!

  • Intern Positions at Vescent

    Vescent Photonics

    Vescent Photonics is seeking two interns for the summer of 2019.  Come join us in Arvada, CO and enjoy on-the-job training while making a measurable difference to our market reach.

    Do you enjoy controlling instruments via embedded software and firmware?  We are looking for a programmer to grow their skill set while expanding the capabilities and functionality of our world-class photonics tools.  If this sounds like the way to spend your summer work hours, check out our Embedded Software Intern position.

    Reaching out to customers, new and old, through the internet is crucial to successful product marketing.  Help us tune up our digital marketing strategy while getting real-world experience with Adwords & Google Analytics and the business side of Facebook & Twitter.  We are seeking a Digital Marketing Intern to help present Vescent and its product line of photonics tools to the marketplace.

  • Vescent is seeking a Digital Marketing Intern

    Vescent Photonics, a leading designer of and photonics tools in the Denver, area, is looking for an intern to assist in digital marketing. This is a great opportunity to develop your marketing skills and put them to work.

    See details here.

  • 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded

    The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Arthur Ashkin (US), Gérard Mourou (France), and Donna Strickland (Canada) for optical tweezers and chirped pulse amplification. Prof. Strickland is the 3rd ever woman to win Nobel Prize in Physics . Congratulations to all three!

  • Vescent is now on Youtube!

    Vescent Photonics is offically on Youtube! This channel has helpful demonstrations, interviews, and introductions to our products lines. Follow the link to check out our channel:…/UCqJz_p99RHnsv05s…/

  • Vescent- SPIE 2018

    Vescent Photonics German representative, MG Optical Solutions, will be showing our products at the SPIE Security and Defense Conference in Berlin from September 10-13th. They will be in booth 101. For more information, Contact Vescent.

  • Vescent- JinFest

    Vescent Photonics is proud to be attending JinFest- a celebration of Deborah Jin’s scientific career. This new workshop features speakers such as Cheng Chin, Brian DeMarco, and John Doyle. The workshop is being held in Boulder from September 7-8th. For more information visit:

  • Visit Vescent at ICAP 2018

    If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain during July 22nd to the 27th,
    Visit Vescent Photonics at ICAP(the International Conference on Atomic Physics)!
    The conference will present an outstanding program of invited speakers, covering the most recent developments in the field of atomic physics.
    The list of topics include: Topology in atomic systems, Quantum gases, Quantum computation and communication, Quantum simulation and quantum annealing, Fundamental tests and precision measurements, Quantum optics and quantum nanophononics, Intense fields and ultrafast science, Rydberg and artificial atoms and molecules, Atomic Clocks and quantum metrology, Cold molecules, and Out of equilibrium quantum systems.
    If you would like to learn more/get more information about ICAP, visit:

    We hope to see you there.

  • Vescent Photonics- The National Photonics Initiative

    The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) along with experts Mike Raymer (University of Oregon) and Chris Monroe (University of Maryland and IonQ, Inc.) have been actively working with lawmakers for more than a year to draft and advance quantum legislation in Congress. Today, that work has come to fruition. The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology has officially introduced the National Quantum Initiative Act, H.R. 6227, in the U.S. House of Representatives. The committee approved the legislation yesterday with bipartisan support. An amendment to promote access to existing quantum computing and communication systems for users was added to the bill during markup, a provision called for by the NPI’s National Quantum Initiative Action Plan and supported by the stakeholder community. Although the amendment does not refer specifically to a Quantum Computing Access Program (QCAP) as described in the Action Plan, the bill language gives responsibility to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to find an agency home for the program.