Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

Measurement of the Yb I 1S01P1 transition frequency

21 December, 2016 App Notes 0 comments
Prof. Scott Bergeson and M.E. Gold Dahl at Brigham Young University and their colleague Prof. Michaela Kleinert at Willamette University locked a Vescent Photonics D2-100 DBR laser system to the 87Rb D2 F = 2 → F′ = (2, 3) crossover transition and used it as an absolute frequency standard. They then referenced a frequency comb to the Rb standard and furthermore locked a Ti:Sapphire laser to a remote tooth of the comb. Finally, they used the tunable Ti:S to probe the Yb I 1S01P1 transition at 399 nm. They further explored the isotope effect on the transition frequency.

We thank Prof. Bergeson for sharing their work, Measurement of the Yb I 1S01P1 transition frequency at 399 nm using an optical frequency comb, published in Physical Review A, 94, 052511 (2016).