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     * [[slice:qt:api|SLICE-QT API]]     * [[slice:qt:api|SLICE-QT API]]
     * [[|SLICE-QT web page]]     * [[|SLICE-QT web page]]
 +    * [[|Firmware download ftp site]]
 =====Firmware Update Instructions===== =====Firmware Update Instructions=====
-| {{ :warning-sign.png?125&nolink }}  For SLICE-QT firmware versions 1.29 and lower, updating the firmware will reset all stored parameters (PID loop parameters, etc.).  Before beginning a firmware update, manually record all settings for all channels. Versions 1.30 and higher will automatically store this information |+ 
 +Firmware update instructions can be found at [[|this link]].
 ====Connecting to Host PC==== ====Connecting to Host PC====
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