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 ---- ----
 +===== Global SLICE Commands =====
 +The following commands are operational on all SLICE products.
 +====Firmware Version====
 +Returns firmware version of System Controller.
 +====Reset to Factory Default Settings====
 +Restores "Personality Board" to factory default settings. No return value.  \\
 +<WRAP center round box 60%>
 +| {{ :take-note.png?80&nolink }}  | Power cycle the SLICE unit to complete factory reset. |
 +Saves "Personality Board" settings into EEPROM.  Unsaved changes will be lost if board is powered off without issuing a SAVE command. The SAVE command saves the entire configuration into non-volatile memory. A single SAVE command can be issued after any number of configuration changes. When changes are made to the SLICE configuration through the touch screen, the new values are automatically saved and it is not necessary to issue a SAVE command.\\ \\
 +__Slot Number__\\
 +  * 1 = first slot
 +  * 2 = second slot
 +__Possible Responses__\\
 +  * FAIL
 ===== Temperature Settings ===== ===== Temperature Settings =====
 ==== Query Temperature Set Point ==== ==== Query Temperature Set Point ====
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