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SLICE-(D)LC (Dual-Channel) Laser Controller with ultra-low-noise current source and two channels of temperature control per current channel

Model No. SLICE-(D)LC

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Document Last Updated on 2023/05/01 20:07

Please read Limited Warranty and General Warnings and Cautions prior to operating the SLICE-(D)LC.

Click here for the main manuals page.
Click here for the SLICE-(D)LC API.
Click here for the SLICE-LC web page.
Click here for the Github page for SLICE-(D)LC GUI
Click here for the Github page for SLICE-(D)LC firmware revisions
Please check back for added functionality. Contact sales [at] vescent [dot] com for questions and corrections, or to request added functionality.

List of Warning Symbols

Warning. Pay special attention to procedures and notes. If procedure is not followed carefully, damage to the SLICE-(D)LC or devices connected to it may occur.
Potential for electrical shock hazard.

The SLICE-(D)LC Current Controller is intended for driving laser diodes. When using lasers particular care must be given to avoid exposure hazards.

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