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 ==== Home Button ==== ==== Home Button ====
 <​imgcaption home_butt|Home button>​{{ :​slice:​slice-qt-home-button.gif?​77x75 |}}</​imgcaption>​ <​imgcaption home_butt|Home button>​{{ :​slice:​slice-qt-home-button.gif?​77x75 |}}</​imgcaption>​
-Returns to [[#Home Screen|Home screen]] (<​imgref ​home_scr>).+Returns to [[#Home Screen|Home screen]] (<​imgref ​home_scr_dcc>).
 ==== Back Button ==== ==== Back Button ====
 <​imgcaption back_butt|Back button>​{{ :​slice:​slice-qt-back-button.gif?​77x75 |}}</​imgcaption>​ <​imgcaption back_butt|Back button>​{{ :​slice:​slice-qt-back-button.gif?​77x75 |}}</​imgcaption>​
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