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Servo Controller

Model No. ICE-SC1

Document Revision: 1.0

Document Last Updated on 2018/12/19 16:54

Please read Limited Warranty and General Warnings and Cautions prior to operating the ICE-SC1.


General purpose Servo Controller with PI2D loop filter. Secondary auxiliary output is pure integerator of primary output. Both primary output and aux output have min / max settings and adjustable offset. This product is currently in development and all specifications subject to change.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Note: All modules designed to be operated in laboratory environment

Parameter Rating
Environmental Temperature >15°C and <30°C
Environmental Humidity <60%
Environmental Dew Points <15°C


ICE-SC1 Units
Side Lock Servo
&nbsp;&nbsp; Bandwidth1) 1 MHz
&nbsp;&nbsp; Input Impedance 50 Ω
&nbsp;&nbsp; Input Range ±10 V
&nbsp;&nbsp; Dither Frequency2) 4 MHz
&nbsp;&nbsp; Phase Shift Resolution3) 5.6 deg
&nbsp;&nbsp; Input Voltage Noise4) TBD nV/√Hz
Ramp Parameters
&nbsp;&nbsp; Max. Ramp Amplitude ±10 V
Loop Filter Parameters
&nbsp;&nbsp; DC Offset Range ±10 V
&nbsp;&nbsp; Proportional Gain (ref to DC Error) -38 to +30 dB
&nbsp;&nbsp; Proportional Gain Resolution 2 dB
&nbsp;&nbsp; First Integrator 0.030 - 175 kHz
&nbsp;&nbsp; Second Integrator 0.30 - 1,750 kHz
&nbsp;&nbsp; Differential 0.1 - 10,000 kHz
&nbsp;&nbsp; Differential Gain 18 dB
&nbsp;&nbsp; Output Range ±10 V
Output Control
&nbsp;&nbsp; Adjustable Output Limits ±10 V
Electrical Specifications
Min Typical Max Units
5V_A Current Draw N/A A
5V_D Current Draw 70 mA
+15V Current Draw5) (Sidelock) 160 200 mA
-15V Current Draw6) (Sidelock) 120 150 mA


Only when purchased with the ICE-Box.

The Front Panel for the ICE-SC1 has three SMA connectors. Top: Error In; Middle: Aux Out; Bottom: Primary Out.

Error In

SMA input for the error signal.

Aux Out

SMA output for the Auxiliary servo.

Servo Out

SMA output for the Primary servo.

Calculated based on RF dither frequency of 4 MHz which limits servo bandwidth
2) , 3)
Not implemented as of November, 2017
Referenced to 50Ω load
5) , 6)
Current draw depends on output load, assuming high impedance. Current may be initially high on power-on
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