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     * [[d2:spectroscopy_module_212|D2-212 Spectroscopy Module]]     * [[d2:spectroscopy_module_212|D2-212 Spectroscopy Module]]
     * [[d2:spectroscopy_module|D2-110 Spectroscopy Module]]     * [[d2:spectroscopy_module|D2-110 Spectroscopy Module]]
-    * [[d2:heterodyne_module|D2-150 Heterodyne Module (obsolete)]]+    * [[d2:heterodyne_module|D2-150 Heterodyne Module]] (obsolete)
     * [[d2:d2_250_heterodyne_module|D2-250 Heterodyne Module]]     * [[d2:d2_250_heterodyne_module|D2-250 Heterodyne Module]]
-    * [[d2:beat_note_detector|D2-160 High Speed Beat Note Detector]]+    * [[d2:beat_note_detector|D2-160 High Speed Beat Note Detector]] (obsolete)
     * [[d2:260_beat_note_detector|D2-260 High Speed Beat Note Detector]]     * [[d2:260_beat_note_detector|D2-260 High Speed Beat Note Detector]]
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