Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies

Research and Development Staff

Kurt Vogel, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology:

Kurt came to us with a premier history of product development and release.

Juan Pino Ph.D., Staff Scientist:

Juan Pino joins us from JILA, where he recently earned his Ph.D. under Dr. Eric Cornell and Dr. Deborah Jin. Juan’s Ph.D. work focused on novel, shot-noise limited measurement techniques of Bose-Einstein condensates. While at JILA Dr. Pino developed a strong background in optics, modeling, electronics, and the design and construction of cold-atom experiments. Recently Juan has been applying the lessons he learned at JILA to the non-mechanical designs being incorporated into the next-generation of Vescent products.

Jeremy Shugrue

Jeremy Shugrue, Electrical Engineer:

Jeremy is a multi-disciplinary electrical engineer proficient at collaborating with mechanical engineers and physicists to develop instruments from prototype to final product. He graduated with a BSEE from the University of Colorado in 2011. He has experience in designing mixed-signal analog circuits and digital systems with embedded firmware for both R&D projects and production. As an engineer at Vescent, he was responsible for the industrial design of the ICE box and the electrical design of many of it sub-modules including high current laser diode drivers and high-speed clock systems. He has also designed the drive electronics for the SEEOR mini-beamsteerer as well as other liquid crystal drivers.


Brenden Villars, M.S., Staff Scientist:

Brenden studied at the Colorado School of Mines where the bulk of his research experience was focused on solid-state laser design as it pertains to ultrafast laser systems as well as high-power LED-pumped lasers. Brenden has a strong background in machining and CAD modeling. Brenden also has gained significant experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of compact optoelectronic devices.

Dr. Mark Yeo

Mark Yeo, Ph.D., Staff Scientist:

Mark Yeo earned his Ph.D. under Dr. Jun Ye at JILA. For his graduate work, Mark worked on the laser cooling and magneto-optical trapping of dipolar molecules. While at JILA, Mark gained expertise in a wide range of laser systems including frequency combs, dye lasers and ECDL systems as well as developing a strong grounding in servo systems, electronics and designing cold AMO experiments.