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Introducing Lock Guard™ Relocking Feature

Scope trace of Lock Guard Functionality

Lock Guard™ auto relocking function is now available for the D2-125 Laser Servo. Lock Guard™ detects when the servo loop filter has gone out of lock and tries automatically to recapture lock.

Lock Guard™ monitors the servo output and when it detects an Unlock Point (a fast change in the servo output; arrow on the red trace), it disengages the servo and holds the output at the last known valid value. Lock Guard™ waits for the Hold Time (shorter interval on blue trace) and then re-engages the lock. Lock Guard™ waits for the Settle Time (longer interval on blue trace) and if it detects that the system is still out of lock it will reset the servo output again.  In the image, Lock Guard™ made three relock attempts before the challenge was removed and relock was achieved.  (The beam was actually blocked and unblocked during this time.)  The Lock Guard™ control parameters Unlock Point and Hold & Settle Times are all user adjustable for maximum flexibility and optimized performance.

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